As programs such as Photoshop become more sophisticated, so do their impact in the world of photography. The tools provided by these software are incredibly expansive, and give access to a world of creative possibilities. Amazing art can be made in Photoshop, there is no question about that. However, what happens when all that creative malleability seeps into the world of commercial photography? When does a touch-up become straight dishonesty, or trimming become harmful? What are the ethics users should follow when operating Photoshop?

Honestly, there is no easy answer or hard-and-fast line when it comes to this question, especially in our field. We take photographs and videos of you or your product, and make them look amazing. Period. It is so simple when put into these terms, but it has so much complexity underneath. What does “best” really mean? Is it from a standard of beauty, and if so, who is? Society’s? The target audience’s? The clients? There’s just not an objective answer; even if there was, when do we cross the line trying to achieve it? I’m sure if I were to ask you to think of an example of Photoshop that wildly alters and misrepresents the subject matter, it wouldn’t take long to come up with an answer. Frankly, it’s crazy how often beauty magazines and other media put a “spin” on their images, especially picture of models, as to mislead the audience. Bad Photoshop is everywhere, and I don’t just mean poor quality; if the “improved” picture is visually far apart and deceitful from the original material (discounting artistic works, of course), it’s a bad shop.

It’s important that photographers promote honesty and integrity in their products, and at 2 Cheetahs that’s what we strive to achieve. We pledge that the subject matter will look its best, whether its a sales promo, company group shot, advertisement video, or any other product. We will work with you to define what “best” really means to you and your audience. When we create your brand’s image, it’s a guarantee that it will be beautiful and genuine.