Welcome to the 2 Cheetahs Video & Photography blog! Our photography blog is your go-to resource to learn about our recent work, experiences, photography and videography tips, articles, and so much more! To start our blogging venture, we figured it would be best to introduce our company that specializes in photography and video production in Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas, as well as the services we offer.

About 2 Cheetahs

2 Cheetahs was started by Jonathan Garret Rose, who had a vision of creating a photography and video production company that utilizes the strength of a team of talented engineers, professional photographers, artistic designers, and video production specialists. Today, 2 Cheetahs is just that — a qualified team of media geniuses committed to creating exemplary content that reflects the brand and vision of a client or company in pursuit of conveying to the world through beautiful images and engaging videos. 2 Cheetahs possesses something that other companies offering photography and video production in Dallas do not: a team of talented individuals who compliment one another with their own set of skills. With experts in video, audio, photography, and other facets of media, our team has the ability to create beautiful and fantastic content through experience, talent, and passion. We care about our clients and customers, which is why we will continue to show loyalty by working closely together to ensure they achieve their goals of reaching a larger audience by sharing what they have to offer through the work we create.

2 Cheetahs was formed to build a connection between media and people. Our photography and video production company is passionate about creating projects that will help clients and customers grow. Our unique photography and videography services make creative content achievable for clients and businesses alike.

Video Production and Photography Services

At 2 Cheetahs Video & Photography, we offer a wide range of professional photography and video production services in Dallas and the surrounding areas. Together, our tailor-made media company can offer services like:

Corporate Video and Photography Services

Our photo and video production company employ video extraordinaires and professional photographers to create frame-worthy commercial or corporate imagery and high-quality videos that enhance the perceived value of your brand. Specializing in both commercial photography and commercial video production, we can help you with whatever your needs are, from corporate event photography to creating marketing videos that help maximize your brand.

Fashion Photography

From hair to the catwalk, we can create stunning fashion photography. Our team of fashion photographers work both in the studio and on site to capture and create beautiful photography that maximizes the look of both male and female models and the clothing and accessories that they wear. We capture beauty and fashion in a unique, elegant, and natural way.

Real Estate Photography and Video

2 Cheetahs Video & Photography is up and coming in real estate photography and video services. Our professional knowledge, experience, and equipment enable us to create engaging images and videos for realtor companies, architects, builder, interior designers, and homeowners. Whether you need real estate drone shots, virtual tour footage, or other in-house photography or video services, our team can help!


As you can see, 2 Cheetahs Video & Photography is not your usual photo and video production company. Our team of talented artists and innovators enables us to help clients and customers make the human connection by highlighting the unique elements that make up a brand and urge an audience to take an interest and reach out. If you are interested in learning more about our company, or to request a consultation, contact 2 Cheetahs Video and Photography today!